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Hot Air Welding Maintenance, Sales and Repair across Canada

At RKN Enterprise, we complete all work orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means that there will be less down-time for your business, and more satisfied customers after a job well done. Well-maintained welding tools work easily and more efficiently, which both ensures the safety of your team and helps to ease their workload.

We maintain welding tools used by commercial companies working within fields like roofing, superstructure design, tent and awnings, tarp and banner development, and companies that design structures that are air supported. Our vast knowledge and experience within the welding equipment repair field will help us get you and your business back to work as quickly as possible.

Hot Air Welding Tool Maintenance and Sales in Cambridge, Ontario

Based in Cambridge, we provide Canadian industries with invaluable hot air welding
tool maintenance and sales, such as:


Hot Air Welding Equipment for Sale

We sell a number of different hot air welding tools by a huge number of brands. We can also answer any questions about your equipment. Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Leister

  • Triac

  • Varimat

  • Uniplan

  • Hot Winds

  • BAK RiOn

  • LarOn

  • ErOn

  • PlanOn

  • RoofOn

  • TarpOn


  • RKN 1600

  • Steinel 

Efficient Hot Air Welding Equipment Service

Pickup and drop off services are available to our clients located within the Waterloo Municipality, and we can ship your equipment purchases anywhere in Canada. Cost of shipping will vary depending on your location. We aim to provide quotes for the cost of any repair within 24-48 hours. If parts are in stock, repairs and maintenance can generally be completed in 3-5 business days. Contact our team to get a quote on the cost of your new tools or your repairs.

Get Back to Work

When your welding tools are out of commission due to maintenance or repair needs, it is unwise to continue a job.

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