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We Will Help You with Equipment Upkeep and Repairs

Our team is highly familiar with repairing all hot air welders and we honour the warranties associated with BAK, EAGLE and MILLER WELDMASTER welders. We offer free diagnostics for your broken or damaged welding tools, and will give you a quote for the cost of repairs within 24-48 hours. After the quote has been authorized, we can complete repairs within 3-5 days if the required parts are in stock at our shop.

  • Leister
  • Triac
  • Varimat
  • Uniplan
  • Hot Winds
  • BAK RiOn
  • LarOn
  • V2

  • ErOn
  • PlanOn
  • RoofOn
  • TarpOn
  • BAK
  • Elite Air
  • Seamrover

Hot Air Welder Repairs in Cambridge, Ontario & across Canada

We repair all brands of hot air automatic welders and hand welders and MILLER WELDMASTER hot wedge welders. We want to make sure you get the repairs that you need to move forward with your work projects. If you have equipment that is not on this list, contact us for more information.

Get Back to Work

When your welding tools are out of commission due to maintenance or repair needs, it is unwise to continue a job.

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